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“Awesome sesh bro! Of course I died…but in a good way! Love the warm down part too. All the mindfulness stuff bout the body & gratitudes is a cool way to attack the workout..It’s something different that makes you stand out from the rest.” – Maz E.

“Huge shout out to Nix Agulto. Not only the best PT in the business but also my inspiration and the reason I am studying with fit college. This amazing human can make you feel like you can achieve anything. And provides the support, community and connection to ensure you achieve your goals.” – Ree S.

“Can I just say…. I absolutely love your training style. You are so supportive, encouraging but most of all inspiring. Especially the breathing at the end, the words you use really resonate with both myself and Maz and it truly is such a release fron such a hectic life. Thank you.” – Jess C